About NCPE

The North Caldwell Partnership for Education (NCPE) was created when the North Caldwell Parent/Teacher Organization (NCPTO) and the North Caldwell Foundation for Education (NCFE) decided to unite and create a new organization whose mission combines the goals of both previous groups. The purpose of the NCPE is to support the education of students within Gould and Grandview Schools. The organization serves as the connective link between teachers, parents, students and administrators through the provision of information and fostering a sense of community. You may view the bylaws here.

Thank you to all the families, NCPE volunteers and the entire North Caldwell community for once again helping us to achieve another stellar year of fundraising. Please visit our fundraising page for more information.

Executive Officers for the 2017-2018 academic year

  • Laura Berwanger and Jamie Falkin - Presidents
  • Amanda Williams - Vice President, Fundraising
  • Julie Rosen - Vice President, Enrichment
  • Stacey Gold - Vice President, Communications
  • Chris Morgan - Vice President, Endowment
  • Allegra Simon - Vice President, Student Events
  • Lauren Chen - Secretary
  • Carrie Castro-Halper - Treasurer

Each Vice President is responsible for a variety of programs which are managed by committees.  The programs and Chairs for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Board of Education

  • Board of Education - Mary Mokris and Mindy Opper


  • Buzz Book – Ashley Pines
  • Class Parent Coordinators/ Class Parties – Grandview - Jill Galvin
  • Class Parent Coordinators/ Class Parties – Gould - Jennifer Desiderio
  • Communication/Website/Email Blasts – Lauren Chen
  • Graduation Booklets – Jodie Price and Erica Lieberman


  • NCPE Cares About Community - Stacey Gold

Endowment Programs

  • External Grant Development –  Chris Morgan
  • School Grants and Scholarships – Chris Morgan


  • After-School Enrichment Program – Dore Eisenstein and Danielle Kurlander
  • Art Renaissance – Dana Goldstein, Allison Levine, Carrie Halper, and Jodie Leitner
  • Books and Beyond – Amy Reis and Joanne Wilcomes
  • Gould School Play – Christine Dellanno and Juliane O'Brien
  • Health and Wellness Committee – Kim Simonetti and Danielle Venezia
  • Gould Organic Garden - Jocelyn Kramer and Alex Mager
  • Saturday Preschool Program – Tammy Anagnostis, Rebecca Nelson, and Melissa Scrudato


  • Annual Fundraising Event – Amanda Williams
  • Athletic Wear – Nicole Ciano
  • Box Tops for Education – Susan Tran
  • Election Day Bake Sale – Stacey Gold and Jordan Shumofsky
  • Hot Lunch – Andrea Lever 
  • Kids Stuff Books – Elise Shamosh
  • Mother's Day Plant Sale - Andrea Lever
  • Purse Bingo - Rosalia Infusino and Andrea Lever
  • School Rewards – Susan Tran
  • School Supplies – Jodie Kohlberg and Jocelyn Kramer
  • Trunk or Treat - Jocelyn Kramer and Allegra Simon
  • Catalog Sale – Talia DelVescovo
  • Teacher Auction - Laura Berwanger

Student Events

  • Class Pictures – Jodie Leitner and Jenny Motelson
  • Gould Fun Day – Jennifer Desiderio and Andrea Lever
  • Grandview Field Day - Allegra Simon
  • Holiday Shop - Grandview – Maria Apolito and Carissa Formosa
  • Holiday Shop - Gould - Jennifer Desiderio and Michelle Krichman
  • Kindergarten Meet and Greet - Rachel Root and Karen Roth
  • Teacher Appreciation – Stacey Gold and Allegra Simon

NCPE Meeting Minutes and Treasurer Reports

May 9, 2018

April 11, 2018

February 7, 2018

January 10, 2018

December 6, 2017

November 15, 2017

October 11, 2017

September 14, 2017